Faculty of Social Sciences

Master's Degree Courses

M. A. Sociology    

M. A. History     Select List         Chance Memo List     Nomination Select List    Nomination Chance Memo List

M. A. Women's Studies  

M. A. Education       

M. A. Islamic Studies       Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. A. Political Science/. Public Administration/ Human Rights    Select List        Chance Memo List          PH Category List  

M. A. Psychology        

M. A. Economics      

M. P. Ed.         Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. Ed.    

M.Lib.I.Sc.       Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

Bachelor's Degree Courses

B. P. Ed.        Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List


P. G. Diploma / Diploma Courses

P. G. Dip. in Counselling and Health Management    

P. G. Dip. in Human  Resource Development and Management    

Diploma in Teaching