Faculty of Social Sciences

Master's Degree Courses

M. A. Sociology     Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. A. History     Select List         Chance Memo List     Nomination Select List    Nomination Chance Memo List

M. A. Women's Studies        Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. A. Education        Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. A. Islamic Studies       Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. A. Political Science/. Public Administration/ Human Rights    Select List        Chance Memo List       Nomination List   PH Category List  

M. A. Psychology         Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. A. Economics       Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. P. Ed.         Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M. Ed.           Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

M.Lib.I.Sc.       Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List

Bachelor's Degree Courses

B. P. Ed.        Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List


P. G. Diploma / Diploma Courses

P. G. Dip. in Counselling and Health Management         Select List

P. G. Dip. in Human  Resource Development and Management       Select List

Diploma in Teaching         Select +Chance Memo +Nomination List